Author name: Nandi

Speaking Card (Holiday Accommodation): This is a photo card with four questions on the theme of hotels, camping, etc. Students have four minutes to prepare their answers and are provided with the expressions they need to effectively describe pictures and answer questions on this topic. This is ideal for use as a topic review and for exam preparation.

My Intrepid Holiday: in this worksheet, students travel to the jungles of Bolivia with Laura. The texts provides learners with an opportunity to identify the use of the presente, pretérito indefinido and pretérito imperfecto tenses together to write about a past holiday. The worksheet includes key vocabulary and comprehension-checking exercises based on the topic of travel and tourism.

In this worksheets students read the twitter ‘tweets’ of real Madrileños from a Madrid campaign #paranavidadesquiero.

In this Christmas worksheet students read the Christmas twitter ‘tweets’ of real Madrileños from the a Madrid campaign #paradiciembrequiero.

¡Feliz Navidad, Próspero Año y Felicidad! Bring some festive cheer into the classroom with our selection of authentic, creative, and fun resources.

This is a really fun sing-along Christmas class! The worksheet includes vocabulary exercises to teach the lyrics to students before they sing along to the Michael Bublé & Thalia version of this famous Spanish Christmas song on our YouTube channel.