Grammar & Vocabulary

Like and Love: this lesson focuses on the construction of these verbs in Spanish, which is easily confused by English speakers. The worksheet includes plenty of practice with match-ups, translations, and sentence completion exercises.

The Subjunctive and Conditional Mood: in this lesson, students learn how to use the subjunctive and conditional together to talk about hypothetical situations.

Sentence Auction – Conditionals: this is a whole class activity to be played in small teams. Each group has €100 to bet in an auction, on sentences that they believe to be correct. This is a fun way to work on error correction as it requires students to study conditional sentences very carefully and discuss their ideas as a team. The worksheet includes full teaching notes.

Expressions with Ser and Estar: in this lesson, students study common idiomatic expressions using the key Spanish verbs Ser and Estar and translate sentences into Spanish.

Pretérito Perfecto versus Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto: In this lesson, students study the use of these compound tenses and complete translation, match-up and sentence completion activities.