Popular Movements

In this recent news lesson, students learn about what is happening in Cataluña and read about three key points to help them understand the situation. The accompanying exercises cover vocabulary, comprehension and speaking.

What were the 15M protests about? In this lesson, students learn about the socio-political youth movement in Spain. The worksheet includes vocabulary and comprehension activities and ends with group speaking activities in which students analyse the meaning behind slogans from the movement.

In this worksheet, students read about the recent protests in Spain in defence of the Iberian wolf. Students read an authentic article adapted for the level and complete vocabulary and comprehension activities, before ending with a debate on the theme.

Endangered Species Trafficking: in this lesson, students read about a huge illegal haul of ivory discovered in Madrid. The class focuses on topical vocabulary and comprehension questions and wraps up with a writing activity on the fate of the rhinoceros in the wild.