Franco y el Bikini PREMIUM

Código: JA17NA03
In this resource, students learn about an interesting man who was the mayor of Benidorm during the Franco dictatorship. It includes reading comprehension and grammar activities with common Spanish expressions and vocab.

Manifestaciones: La Lucha por el Lobo PREMIUM

protests-wolfProtests -The fight for the wolf: In this worksheet, students read about the recent protests in Spain in defence of the Iberian wolf. Students read an authentic article adapted for the level and complete vocabulary and comprehension activities, before ending with a debate on the theme.

La Semana Santa en Madrid PREMIUM

La Semana Santa en Madrid (Holy Week): In this cultural lesson, students read about the traditional processions and celebrations around Easter time in Spain. They also study vocabulary related to the theme, before using it to describe authentic photos of the festivities in Madrid.

La Pobreza Infantil en España PREMIUM

Código: NAR0005
Nivel Alto| AS-LEVEL
Child Poverty in Spain: In this lesson, students read an article about the incidence of child poverty in Spain since the economic recession. The class includes vocabulary and expressions relating to the theme and ends with a writing activity in which students are given ideas to help them to produce a short article.

La Familia Moderna PREMIUM

Código: NAR0007
Nivel Alto| AS-LEVEL
The Modern Family: This worksheets starts with a short speaking activity on the different types of family nowadays, before students read two short articles adapted from a Spanish newspaper on the changes in demographics taking place in modern Spain. Students study key vocabulary from the texts and complete comprehension activities before using the data and vocabulary they have learned to discuss a number of topical statements relating to the theme.