Manifestaciones: La Lucha por el Lobo PREMIUM

protests-wolfProtests -The fight for the wolf: In this worksheet, students read about the recent protests in Spain in defence of the Iberian wolf. Students read an authentic article adapted for the level and complete vocabulary and comprehension activities, before ending with a debate on the theme.

La Semana Santa en Madrid PREMIUM

La Semana Santa en Madrid (Holy Week): In this cultural lesson, students read about the traditional processions and celebrations around Easter time in Spain. They also study vocabulary related to the theme, before using it to describe authentic photos of the festivities in Madrid.

Gabriel García Marquez 1929-2014 PREMIUM

Código: JA07NA02
In this lesson, students learn about the Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist Gabriel García Márquez. The article is adapted from a newspaper story following his death in 2014. In addition to being a great introduction to the works of the writer, this resource will give students an impression of the humble man he was – and the fascinating life he led.

Vetusta Morla: Fuego PREMIUM

Código: NAA0001
Nivel Alto | AS-LEVEL
ID-100297241Vetusta Morla: Fire: In this song-based lesson, students watch a music video by the Madrid-based Indie/Rock group and complete the lyrics with vocabulary and expressions covered in the worksheet. The class ends with a translation of the lyrics into English.

Traficantes de Especies PREMIUM

Código: NAR0003
Nivel Alto| A-LEVEL
Endangered Species Trafficking: In this lesson, students read about a huge illegal haul of ivory discovered in Madrid. The class focuses on topical vocabulary and comprehension questions, and wraps up with a writing activity on the fate of the rhinoceros in the wild.