Customs & Festivals

In this lesson, students listen to short sentences about the Mexican festival “El Día de los Muertos”. There are two levels of dictations for students to complete with either a word (level 1) or a short phrase (level 2). A list of the vocabulary you may need to pre-teach is included on the teacher’s worksheet.

In this lesson, students listen to an audio about a famous festival in Madrid called “San Isidro“. Students answer a variety of listening comprehension questions based on short spoken sentences, just like they would on a GCSE exam paper.

La Semana Santa en Granada (Holy Week): in this cultural lesson, students read about the traditional processions and celebrations around Easter time in Spain. They also study vocabulary related to the theme, describe authentic photos and write about a celebration in their own country.

In this worksheet, students learn the history behind this Spanish festival. There is a QR code which they can scan to watch a 1.30 min ABC news interview.