Social media: a vocabulary set with corresponding activities to enhance memorisation and vocabulary retention. This worksheet includes a unique QR code that students can scan with their smartphone to access pronunciation and games on Quizlet with these words.

Social Media: in this translation worksheet, students read a short text about social media and learn topical vocabulary and expressions to enable them to translate the text into English. 

The Facebook Experiment: in this lesson, students read about an experiment to quit using social media sites and the effect it had on the participants. The worksheet includes Spanish vocabulary and translation exercises and ends with a speaking activity on the theme of social media.

The Power of Google: in this worksheet, students read about the power Google has over us through the control of information. The worksheet includes true/false comprehension questions and supported translation exercises.

In this worksheets students read the twitter ‘tweets’ of real Madrileños from a Madrid campaign #paranavidadesquiero.