La Semana Santa en Granada PREMIUM

Nivel Medio | GCSE | A2
easter-holidays-granadaLa Semana Santa en Granada (Holy Week): In this cultural lesson, students read about the traditional processions and celebrations around Easter time in Spain. They also study vocabulary related to the theme, describe authentic photos and write about a celebration in their own country.

Language Frame: La Familia y Los Amigos PREMIUM

Código: O16SP04
Nivel Medio| GCSE
family-friendsLanguage Frame (Family & Friends): This is a frame for use when speaking and writing about family and friends. It includes six questions for students to prepare their own responses to using the examples given and a full frame of adaptable phrases. This is ideal for use as a topic review and for exam preparation.

Mis Vacaciones Intrépidas PREMIUM

Código: O16NM05
Nivel Medio | GCSE
My Intrepid Holiday: In this worksheet, students travel to the jungles of Bolivia with Laura. The texts provides learners with an opportunity to identify the use of the presente, pretérito indefinido and pretérito imperfecto tenses together to write about a past holiday. The worksheet includes key vocabulary and comprehension checking exercises based on the topic of travel and tourism.

Hablando del Matrimonio PREMIUM

Código: O16NM02
Nivel Medio | GCSE
Talking about marriage: In this worksheet students read the opinions of two college students on marriage and divorce, based on their own family experiences. The worksheet includes vocabulary from the theme of marriage and partnership and T/F questions to check understanding. The final activity encourages students to extract key natural-sounding phrases from the authentic texts.

Hablando de mis Amigos PREMIUM

Código: O16NM01
Nivel Medio | GCSE
Talking about my friends: In this worksheet, students read an email from a young guy (Julián) who writes about his best friends. The activities that follow check comprehension, and students are encouraged to extract useful expressions and vocabulary from the text. The resource ends with a writing task in which students adapt the model and apply what they have learnt in order to write an informal email about their own close friendships.