Ir + Infinitivo ¡Habla! PREMIUM

Nivel Medio | GCSE
communicative-activities-grammarThis is a communicative activity to practise using the immediate future tense in Spanish.
In this interactive activity, students ask and answer questions about their future plans. The activity also revises questions words in Spanish as students are required to prepare follow-up questions to stimulate a short verbal exchange with their partner. This class pairs with our grammar reference class IR + Infinitivo.

Estar + Gerundio ¡Habla! PREMIUM

Nivel Medio | GCSE
communicative-activities-grammarCommunicative Activity: This is a group speaking activity to practise using the present continuous tense to talk about what is happening now. Students must pick a card and mime the activity for their team mates to guess by shouting “estás jugando al tenis” or “estás conduciendo un coche”. This is a really fun activity that students always enjoy and it´s great for learning the progressive tense in a communicative way.