Entrevista: Los Efectos de la Moda PREMIUM

Código: NAA0004
Nivel Alto| AS-LEVEL
Interview: The Effects of Fashion: In this lesson, students listen to a radio interview about the negative effects of the societal obsession with looking good. The audio is in three parts with corresponding activities, and the worksheet ends with a speaking exercise on the topic. Complete audio transcript is included.

¿Qué notas merecemos? PREMIUM

Nivel Alto | A-LEVEL
ID-100297241What grades do we deserve? In this group speaking activity, students analyse and discuss factors related to ‘the modern world’ and grade each other to highlight areas for improvement. The worksheet includes Frases útiles and Criterios de evaluación. This activity can be adapted for weaker groups by allowing them some preparation time before the class. The worksheet includes full teaching notes.

Una Subasta: Condicionales PREMIUM

Nivel Alto | A-LEVEL
ID-100297241Sentence Auction- Conditionals: This is a whole class activity to be played in small teams. Each group has €100 to bet in an auction, on sentences which they believe to be correct. This is a fun way to work on error-correction as it requires students to study conditional sentences very carefully and discuss their ideas as a team. The worksheet includes full teaching notes.

Palabras Tabú PREMIUM

Nivel Alto | A-LEVEL
ID-100297241Taboo Words: This game is based on the popular party game where each player has to give the definition of a word without saying several ‘palabras tabú´ on the card. The game consists of a number of rounds to build confidence and includes Frases útiles for the students to use. This activity can be adapted for weaker groups by allowing them extra preparation time before the activity. The worksheet includes full teaching notes.

¿Cómo hacerlo? PREMIUM

Nivel Alto | A-LEVEL
ID-100297241How do you do it? In this group activity students take turns to describe actions to increase their fluency when speaking in Spanish. Cut out the cards and place them face down. Read though the instructions and give the example provided to support students. Great for vocabulary development and confidence building.