Entrevista: Los Efectos de la Moda PREMIUM

Código: NAA0004
Nivel Alto| AS-LEVEL
Interview: The Effects of Fashion: In this lesson, students listen to a radio interview about the negative effects of the societal obsession with looking good. The audio is in three parts with corresponding activities, and the worksheet ends with a speaking exercise on the topic. Complete audio transcript is included.

Traficantes de Especies PREMIUM

Código: NAR0003
Nivel Alto| A-LEVEL
Endangered Species Trafficking: In this lesson, students read about a huge illegal haul of ivory discovered in Madrid. The class focuses on topical vocabulary and comprehension questions, and wraps up with a writing activity on the fate of the rhinoceros in the wild.

Las Tendencias de la Moda PREMIUM

Código: NAR0009
Nivel Alto| AS-LEVEL
Fashion Trends: In this lesson, learners read about the latest trends and fashion styles and study fashion vocabulary. The lesson includes a review of the conditional mood with activities to practise its use for conjecture and supposition.

La Pobreza Infantil en España PREMIUM

Código: NAR0005
Nivel Alto| AS-LEVEL
Child Poverty in Spain: In this lesson, students read an article about the incidence of child poverty in Spain since the economic recession. The class includes vocabulary and expressions relating to the theme and ends with a writing activity in which students are given ideas to help them to produce a short article.

La Familia Moderna PREMIUM

Código: NAR0007
Nivel Alto| AS-LEVEL
The Modern Family: This worksheets starts with a short speaking activity on the different types of family nowadays, before students read two short articles adapted from a Spanish newspaper on the changes in demographics taking place in modern Spain. Students study key vocabulary from the texts and complete comprehension activities before using the data and vocabulary they have learned to discuss a number of topical statements relating to the theme.

El Principito: La Sinopsis PREMIUM

Código: NAR0006
Nivel Alto| A-LEVEL
The Little Prince: The Synopsis: This is the introductory lesson in a collection of three Nivel Alto classes based on the famous children’s book. In this worksheet, students read about the history behind the story and answer a series of comprehension questions.