CPD Spanish Immersion Course

This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course has been specially designed for British and Scottish curriculum Spanish teachers, and takes place in Madrid, Spain.

Each module has been designed by UK-qualified Spanish teachers and professional resource designers to be fully in line with the themes and topics taught in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each curriculum input is accompanied by linked cultural activities to boost your cultural knowledge and give you the resources and ideas you need to take back into the classroom.

Each day includes themed curriculum inputs, Spanish language booster classes and cultural immersion trips  – all with teachers and expert local guides.

You’ll learn first-hand about the topics you are teaching back home, while experiencing all the delights Madrid has to offer – including savouring authentic Spanish gastronomy with the locals.

Each week-long course starts on a Sunday at 12:00 and finishes on the following Saturday at 15:00.

We offer courses for teachers of the following three levels:

MODULE A (Primary / KS3 / P1-5) : For teachers who need a thorough knowledge of the basics and to increase their Spanish language skills and confidence.

MODULE B (KS4 / GCSE (9-1) / S1-3): For teachers of the 9-1 curriculum who need to boost their language proficiency and cultural knowledge.

MODULE C (KS5 / AS & A-Level / S6): For advanced level teachers who want to refresh their language skills and reconnect to the Spanish culture.

This is not only a CPD course, but also a 100% Spanish language immersion course, so you can expect to improve your fluency, pronunciation and overall language proficiency considerably.

The 2 plans that are offered for the 3 MODULES) are:

    • Basic CPD course – includes all the classes, cultural inputs & lunches (NO breakfast, dinner, stay) = 1,499
    • All-incluive CPD course – includes the Basic CPD + breakfast + dinner + stay = 2,499

Please contact us at info@spectrumspanish.com for bookings and course dates.


How will this course improve my Spanish curriculum knowledge?

The course consists of 2 Curriculum Inputs and 2 Cultural Immersions per day to give you a completely immersive experience. Each of the 3 modules: A, B & C. Each module covers themes, language and the grammar you need to know to teach the level effectively.

How does this work?

Taking the example of MODULE C Theme ‘Protests & Youth Movements’ a Curriculum Input in the morning might be on the circumstances leading up to the 15M protests with videos, resources and class debates. You might also prepare interview questions in preparation for the Cultural Immersion in the afternoon, which would be a visit to the left-wing organisation which organised the protests. A representative would give a first-hand account of the 15M protests and talk about the legacy of the movement. You would be able to ask your questions and all this will be filmed for you to take the authentic footage home with you.

What other teaching resources will I receive?

In addition to the authentic resources you will collect every day in your visits, tours and guided trips, we will give you a personal account to access www.spectrumspanish.com and download all the resources covered in your Curriculum Input and Spanish Lessons for you to use back home in your classes. This area of the site will be exclusively available to CPD course alumni.

How will this course improve my Spanish language skills?

Firstly, you will receive Spanish Lessons every day, the content of which depends on the level you are teaching. If you teach Primary / KS3 / P1-5, the classes are designed to improve your language level significantly. However, if you teach KS5 / AS & A-Level / S6, your language skills will already be advanced so the language classes will be focused on fluency, expressions and making you sound ‘like a native’.

Secondly, this is a 100% Spanish language immersion course and all guides and teachers will speak to you in Spanish. Obviously, for lower levels we will be there to support you and help you to understand things you may miss, but for the higher levels this will be a chance to immerse yourself completely in the language and improve your fluency and language proficiency still further.

You won’t be visiting Madrid as a ‘tourist’, rather you’ll be spending time with the locals and seeing parts of Madrid that no classic ‘tour’ could ever hope to show you.

What is a typical day on the course like?

The time your ‘immersion experience’ starts and ends will depend on whether you choose the basic or all-inclusive package, and the module you choose to study (MODULE A, B or C).


Here is a typical day for each module in the ALL-INCLUSIVE package:

Please contact us at info@spectrumspanish.com for bookings and course dates.