SKE Madrid: SKE Spanish Course

We offer a 12-week, full immersion SKE Spanish course to prepare Pre-Initial Teacher Training (ITT) applicants with the language skills, and curriculum knowledge, they will need to teach the Spanish language in UK Schools.

SKE Spanish Course 2

How is our SKE Spanish Course unique?

As SKE Madrid takes place in the Spanish capital, you will immerse yourself fully in the Spanish language and culture. As a result, you can expect to significantly improve your language proficiency to a level that would simply be impossible to achieve in the UK.
Our course include two weeks of our unique Curriculum Immersion to prepare you with the themes and topics you will be expected to teach in your future career. We are UK- qualified Spanish teachers and our course have been specially designed to be in line with the national curriculum.
We know that small group sizes are essential for effective language learning, so we have a maximum of 9 students in each class. This ensures that you will have the opportunity to engage more with the speaking activities and receive 1-2-1 support from your teacher.
We are also professional resource designers, and on completion of the course you will have access to a bank of authentic teaching resources to use in the classroom during your PGCE placements, NQT year and future career.

What are the SKE Spanish course dates for 2019?

12-Week SKE Spanish Course: Monday 6th May 2019 – Friday 26th July 2019


What will I study on the SKE Spanish Course?

Spanish Language Modules

You will attend Spanish language classes with highly qualified and experienced native Spanish teachers in small groups. This means you will have more opportunity to practise your skills and receive personal help and support from your teacher. Every Friday the class will take place outside the classroom to enable you to practise your skills in the real world.

Academy Lessons (Mon – Thurs 09:30 – 14:30)

Cultural Lessons (Fri 09:30 – 14:30 with Immersion Experience)


Curriculum Immersion Course Modules

For two full weeks you will study our unique Curriculum Immersion Course. Each module has been designed to be fully in line with KS3 Spanish, GCSE (9-1) and the revised AS & A-Level exams. Each curriculum input is accompanied by a cultural immersion trip to boost your cultural knowledge and give you the resources and ideas you need to take into the classroom.

Each day includes themed Curriculum inputs and cultural immersion trips with teachers and expert local guides. You will learn first-hand about the topics you will be teaching back home, while experiencing all the delights Madrid has to offer –  including savouring authentic tapas with the locals.


How much does the SKE Spanish course cost? Can I access any funding?

SKE Spanish Madrid course are 85% funded by Department of Education (DofE) Programme Funding*


12-week course

Course fee = €3,346 (£2,924)

DofE Programme Funding = €2,746 (£2,400)

You pay = €600 (£524)


*All funding will be administered by your course provider (i.e. your University or Teaching Alliance). Programme Funding will be paid directly to SKE Madrid on your behalf.

*The Training Bursary will be paid weekly into your bank account while you are studying here with us.


What are my accommodation options?

Your accommodation costs will also be funded by an additional DofE Training Bursary* of €228 (£200) per week throughout the duration of our SKE Spanish Madrid course.

We will put you in touch with a number of accommodation options depending on your preferences (i.e. Hotel, Air BnB or University residencies). Obviously, where you choose to stay will depend on your own personal preferences and budget for the summer.


Do you offer any other services?

In addition to the activities included in your course, we offer a number of Add-on Immersion Packages* for you to choose from if you wish to immerse yourself more in the culture, travel around Spain and practise your fluency with natives.

Options Include:

Gastronomy Add-on   “Sample real Spanish tapas and visit some of the best restaurants in Madrid”

Cultural Add-on “Visit the sights and festivals and learn more about Spanish culture”

Explore Add-on “Take a weekend trip to Mallorca, Barcelona or Granada”

 *More details will be available when you have been accepted on the course.

SKE Spanish Course

How do I apply?

Download our SKE Madrid course brochure summer 2019

Download our Application Form here

Send your completed application form and any questions to:

More Information

Read the recent NatGeo guide to Madrid’s neighbourhoods here.

For more information of DofE SKE funding download the brochure here.