spanish-gcse-a-levelSpanish GCSE & A-LEVEL Resources

In this section of the website, you will find a growing library of resources and worksheets for teaching the British curriculum KS4 Spanish GCSE and KS5 Spanish AS & A-Level (A1-A2) exam courses.

As the new GCSE 9-1 and AS & A-Level courses are quite different from their predecessors, Spanish teachers are on the hunt for new and inspiring resources to add to their collections. Our Spanish teaching resources are fully updated for the new Spanish GCSE 9-1 and Spanish AS & A-Level specifications, and we will be releasing new worksheets and audio every month as more and more students start preparing for the new exams.

Spanish GCSE (F) & GCSE (H)

Whether your department is following the AQA or Edexcel specification, use the drop-down menu to browse worksheets by topic or enter a key word in the search box if you are looking for something in particular. We have GCSE (F) worksheets which are suitable for all students, with additional GCSE (H) resources for students following the higher tier course. We have included Grammar as a separate topic area to make searching even easier.

Spanish AS & A-Level (A1-A2)

Our Spanish AS & A-Level worksheets are divided into the topic areas and themes from the new AS and A-Level specifications. We will be adding more resources as the courses progress, including the special addition of a Spanish literature & film section, where you will find resources for teaching our favourite novels and films from the study list.

All our resources are designed to save you valuable lesson preparation time, so all our Spanish worksheets come with a full answer key for teachers.