La vida y la muerte de Frida Kahlo PREMIUM


In this AS & A-Level lesson, students read an authentic article on the fascinating and colourful life of the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The skills focus is on reading skills, with a variety activities on vocabulary, comprehension, translation and summary completion.

¿Qué está pasando en Cataluña? PREMIUM

In this recent news lesson, students learn about what is happening in Cataluña and read about three key points to help them understand the situation. The accompanying exercises cover vocabulary, comprehension and speaking.

Gabriel García Marquez 1929-2014 PREMIUM

Código: JA07NA02
In this lesson, students learn about the Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist Gabriel García Márquez. The article is adapted from a newspaper story following his death in 2014. In addition to being a great introduction to the works of the writer, this resource will give students an impression of the humble man he was – and the fascinating life he led.

Hablando del Matrimonio PREMIUM

Código: O16NM02
Nivel Medio | GCSE
Talking about marriage: In this worksheet students read the opinions of two college students on marriage and divorce, based on their own family experiences. The worksheet includes vocabulary from the theme of marriage and partnership and T/F questions to check understanding. The final activity encourages students to extract key natural-sounding phrases from the authentic texts.

Hablando de mis Amigos PREMIUM

Código: O16NM01
Nivel Medio | GCSE
Talking about my friends: In this worksheet, students read an email from a young guy (Julián) who writes about his best friends. The activities that follow check comprehension, and students are encouraged to extract useful expressions and vocabulary from the text. The resource ends with a writing task in which students adapt the model and apply what they have learnt in order to write an informal email about their own close friendships.